Anna Farrer, Loud Crowd coordinator was delighted to receive this grateful note from Jamie and Martin  Warden.

When we met for our monthly Loud Crowd session in May, Martin and I happened to be working together as a pair. We had more or less finished, and moved into a general chat whilst other groups finished their task.

Something prompted Martin to remember what had happened a year of so earlier. After thinking about it again, we felt it was a lovely example of the friendly and supportive nature of all the folks in the Loud Crowd  See .  It really does make me proud to be a member of the West Herts Loud Crowd, when I think about Martin’s story; which he tells again here below.

A couple of years ago our daughter Elizabeth came back from a holiday in Peru – wearing an engagement ring! We were all excited and delighted at the prospect of a wedding in the family. But, along the way, a large cloud appeared on the horizon:   Would the father of the bride say in his wedding speech, and would he be understood?

This was indeed my dilemma as a few years earlier I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s which affected the volume of my voice and the clarity of my diction.  My daughter suggested that I might like someone else to speak on my behalf.   This I stubbornly rejected: I was determined to make the speech myself.

I had previously completed the Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT), sponsored by the local Branch of Parkinson’s UK, and subsequently I had joined the ‘Loud Crowd’. (See link above).   At every Loud Crowd meeting leading up to Liz’s wedding, I practised my speech, and received constructive help and encouragement from my colleagues. And as a result, my performance improved and my confidence grew. I realised that, instead of dreading it, I was actually looking forward to making my speech at the wedding. Fortunately, all went extremely well on the day, and I was overwhelmed with compliments!

I cannot thank every individual member of the Loud Crowd enough for their kindness and patient support – and once again, I must thank the local Parkinson’s Branch for sponsoring LSVT and the Loud Crowd. “

Martin Warden