For our November  meeting we hard about some of the non-clinical issues which concern us all. We had two speakers who complemented each other with their advice on various aspects of life.  Jo Arnold, a Financial Advisor  gave us a presentation on Retirement Planning which began with an update on recent changes to the State Pension, including the introduction of the new flat rate pension from April 2016.

We then looked at the rules on pensions flexibility with a summary of the different options now available when people access their private pensions and also how death benefits can be paid.

The tax implications of the different options were considered as well as a summary of the new rules on Inheritance Tax planning with the gradual introduction of the “family home allowance”.

The presentation ended with a summary of investment considerations including attitude to risk, tax wrappers and investment options and strategies.

James Liptrot is a manager at the Watford Citizens Advice and gave a brief breakdown in the many ways that the service (no longer called a bureau) can help with issues from benefits and tribunals to relationships.  James indicated that he would be happy to help in cooperation with Tracy Tucker, our very own Parkinson’s UK fount of knowledge.  James has given us the web address for further help and advice as below