Roma Mills, Policy and Engagement Manager of Carers in Hertfordshire is our speaker on 21st September at 2.00 pm.  Roma has worked for the charity , which  was set up in 1995, for nine years and describes their role as providing information, advice and support for anyone in the country who needs it.  They also provide a voice for carers, enabling them to have a say in service planning and decision making.  Their remit is to provide information, problem solving and support.  Roma has worked for the organisation for 9 years.

Roma has personal knowledge and experience of caring. She is a qualified social worker by profession and has looked after two sons, both profoundly deaf. The older one, now deceased, also had autism and learning disabilities. She describes her role in Carers for Hertfordshire as leading on Involvement.

 If you want to more about the organisation before Roma visits us go to their website: