In a change from the advertised speaker we welcomed Alex Reed  from Accenture, a technology company which is working with Parkinson’s UK. The international organisation has agreed to donate some of their time to the analysis of data collected from hundreds of participants round the world, principally on movement issues.  He revealed that he had just come from Emma Lawson, the graphic designer who has been given back a steady hand after adopting the device designed to alleviate the Parkinsons tremor by Microsoft. She is the central figure in the TV documentary Emma’s Watch.

And rather than talk about what has already been achieved, Alex talked a little about what this analysis might result in as technology advances.  And of course because nobody is more expert on what is needed for the condition as those who live with it, he asked the group what advance they might hope for. Some of the suggestions which came from the audience was such central issues as early warning for falling, or freezing, or warning that someone had fallen

We are particularly grateful to Alex who stepped up as a replacement speaker right at the last minute. With his pleasant and engaging manner he took the time to keep everyone’s attention and was happy to stay for a good while to answer questions.   He also agreed to the suggestion, that when any prototype solutions were available, he and his colleagues might like to come back to us to trial them. It could provide an invaluable way for us to tell them how well the innovations perform and do whatever it is they are meant to do.

Many thanks to Anna Farrer for the notes for this report