Will Young’s team

A  project funded by Parkinson’s UK

Dr Will Young (scientist, not singer) is working on using imagination to combat freezing. He and his team are inviting those of us who experience freezing to help develop a technique which could help us to ‘unfreeze’ and keep us moving.

If you regularly experience freezing and are able to stand independently Will would like to talk to you about participation in this thought provoking project.  The team are well aware that helping research can sometimes feel remote so they are making sure that everyone who works with them is fully integrated with the project.

What makes this project so exciting?

Apart from the value of finding ways to help others and help yourself, Will is determined that everyone who is involved enjoys the day.  Taking up to 4 people with Parkinson’s and a  partners  for each session, he is going to send a minibus to pick you up from West Hertfordshire (he will try to locate people in each session who live close to each other) and take you to Brunel University.  As well as working with Will you will have lunch with the team and everything will be explained to you in a specially written talk

To learn more contact Amy Maslivec (the full time researcher on the project) and talk to her about this promising research, which is funded by Parkinsons UK.

Contact details:
Miss Amy Maslivec:
Dr Will Young
Tel: 01895 265449 (leave a message)