The branch meeting for April hosted one of leading lights in research into the genetic origins of Parkinsons.  Professor Huw Morris, from The department of clinical neurosciences, University College London, talked to us, without notes or PowerPoint, on new insights into families with a record of the condition which are helping scientists understand its origins.  Making the science clear without patronizing a knowledgeable audience is a skill which Professor Morris has in abundance.  He was followed by his colleague, Dr Stephen Mullin who is doing some very interesting research into the role of individual genes in Parkinsons which can help with finding new drug treatments.  As Professor Morris explained a lot of their work has been centered on a specific Italian community but which has proved valid when the families emigrate, demonstrating that it is the genetic makeup of those individuals which is significant.

Professor Morris was accompanied by his colleague, Dr Stephen Mullin is a research fellow at the Department at UCL  He talked, again without notes or a formal presentation on the role of specific genes and Parkinsons.  Again while this is in its early stages the work is promising.

Sarah Cable, the research nurse who works with the scientists and consultants also came with her colleagues.  She left details of how to participate in the work and is encouraging anyone who is interested to get in touch.  Her email address is:  If you want to discuss it with her she would be delighted to hear from you.