In many cases, the person sitting next to the person with Parkinson’s is the carer, a relative, spouse or friend who has given up much of their independent life to do so.  Our September speaker was Roma Mills, the Carers Involvement Manager for Carers in Hertfordshire, part of a national organisation devoted to caring for the carers.  The organisation she represents is concerned with the estimated 6.5 million people in the country many of whom have had to give up work to do this important and underestimated role.

Roma, who herself has experience of being a carer, gave us a very concise and thought provoking picture of what carers do and their value to the NHS. She pointed out the efforts GPs, hospitals and health professionals make to improve their situation. Paradoxically the stress the carers put themselves under psychologically, financially and physically can cause a major deterioration in their own health rendering them less able to do the work which they have undertaken, often out of a sense of love and duty.  Roma explained how her colleagues were ready to help carers, of whatever age or background and some of  the services they provide.  Crucially the care continues after the loved one may have passed away.

If you feel that Roma and her organisation can help you contact them on:

Tel: 01992 586969
Fax: 01992 586969
The Red House
119 Fore Street
SG14 1AX