The tp of the Tour de France

Charlotte and her bike

Over the past two years my daughter, Charlotte, has raised over £4000 for Parkinson’s UK and the West Herts branch.  She does it by setting herself slightly scary cycling challenges.  The first year she rode round the outside of the M25 in one day (around 165 miles in 16 hours) and last year she did 5000 miles.  This year she has set her eyes on the stars, by pledging to ride all the way into space by cycling the equivalent of Everest every month – 100 km.

The high point of the challenge will be the mountain stage of the Tour de France (organised I’m pleased to say by Parkinson’s UK).  She is one of only 30 people who have succeeded in being chosen for this super challenge.

Please get behind (or should I say beneath) her and help raise the money (£2027) by visiting her website and giving as much as you think fit.