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Our branch has had a lot of support from individuals, organisations and our own members.

Our sources of finance are legacies and in memoriam donations, raffles and supermarket and other collections. Grants are also pursued where possible.

The branch is funded by donations from various sources and there is no annual subscription for branch membership.

In most cases there is a charge for taking part in the various activities that we provide e.g. movement with music and the singing group but to ensure that they are accessible to all members the costs of running the groups are subsidised from branch funds, in most cases by about 50%. The subsidy for the holidays is provided in the form of payment for transport. Assistance may be provided in cases of difficulty.

If a donation is made by cheque it is important to use the full title of the branch in the payee line: “West Hertfordshire Branch Parkinson’s UK” as otherwise the money will not reach group funds. The cheques should be passed to the branch treasurer at meetings or you can telephone 01923 251450 to obtain a postal address.

The treasurer can also be contacted by E-mail: Excess funds are sent to Parkinson’s UK at the end of the year to be used for research and centrally run services such as help lines and information leaflets.

It is quite humbling to see the breadth of support we have received. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to the branch and who continues to support us.


Thank you!

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