Dr Peter Lovatt, aka Dr Dance and the driving force behind the Dance Psychology Lab at the university of Hertfordshire gave the talk at the September branch meeting. Peter, who is also responsible for cutting edge research into the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s, is probably one of the most entertaining academics we have had the pleasure to hear. He began with a brief breakdown of the ways in which dance helped him grow from a school-leaver with barely a GCSE and reading difficulties to a PhD and a research post at Cambridge before coming to Hertfordshire. Peter’s ability to inform, entertain and engage an audience made his talk on neuroscience and psychology anything but dry. It helped of course that he had us waving our arms in a seated dance routine demonstrating how movement helps the mind develop its creative potential.

For those of us who don’t already know one of the functions of Peter’s lab is to run regular dance sessions at the university of Hertfordshire on Friday mornings in term time. The first one of the autumn is on 23rd September on the de Havilland campus. You will see there is also dance session on Tuesday mornings in Tippendell Lane. Details of both these events are on this website.wp_20160915_14_15_26_pro