A group of people with Parkinson’s was invited to meet with second year physiotherapy students at the University of Hertfordshire recently. Their tutor, Dr Karen Baker invited us because these young students may never see a patient with the condition until they are qualified and working in clinics.  She wanted them to at least have an idea of how different individuals showed different symptoms and five of us were more than pleased to oblige and help the students understand what they may see.  Becki Hadley also came along to talk to the students about the work of the Dance Psychology Lab and her own PhD studies. 

We saw two different sets of students who were engaged and interested in our stories.  They asked very pertinent questions about our diagnosis and our various experiences.  We were asked to walk up and down the classroom and they were remarkably observant in their comments. We were all, I think, impressed with their welcome and we wish these students the very best in their future studies.  We have no doubt, from what we saw of them, that they will make excellent physiotherapists.

Those taking part were David Stanfield, June Pumford, John Garrick, Janet Roberts, Jane Gilmore and Ruth Herman.  We would all be happy to visit the next set of students next year.