Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses – Update November 2017

Your input into Parkinson’s UK Hertfordshire Survey has really helped …. but still a way to go.

The results of the survey are attached here.  They make powerful reading and you will see that members from our branch have contributed a lot so thank you all of you who participated.  Parkinson’s UK Campaign Team and Julie Wilson, PUK Regional Manager for the East of England met with the Hertfordshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and fed back the survey results which the CCG were very interested in.  We believe this has played a significant part in their committing to filling all of the recent vacancies.  However they are having only limited results so far because recruitment has been a challenge.  Any of you who happen to know any nurses who might be interested in developing their career to become a Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse please ask them to get in touch with Julie Wilson – see contact details below – who will pass on their details to the right people within the NHS.

New Nurse starts

Helen Newstead started in her new role as NHS Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse at the end of September.  She currently runs clinics in both Welwyn Garden City and Watford (Langley House Neuro rehab centre in St Albans Road) as the need arises and as the service continues to try to recruit two more nurses to support her.

Whilst there is not a full time nurse based at Langley House, if you wish to contact Helen the advice is to call the receptionist on 01923 299100, and ask for Helen to call you back.

Your continued feedback please.

We really need your continued feedback of your experiences with the Nurse service whilst it is under-resourced and as Parkinson’s UK Campaign Team continue to help us keep a watching brief on it.   First of all, please don’t suffer in silence because you are aware of the existing vacancies.  If you think you need to speak with Helen, please try to contact her.  We would then be interested in your experiences.  If you don’t hear back from her within three working days then PLEASE let us know how long it took by contacting Julie Wilson, Regional Manager for the East of England.  Julie has specifically asked us to try and find out this information.  You can email her at