If you have Parkinson’s, exercise, and the right exercise, is very important to keep stiff or trembling muscles working. We are interested to see if a small exercise class led by a neuro physiotherapist is valuable for people with Parkinson’s.

What has been proposed:

  • An initial trial for two half terms
  • One hour weekly classes of 6 people per class
  • 4 weeks or 6 weeks each half term beginning after the Easter break
  • At The Orchard Clinic, Catherine House, Adelaide Street, St Albans AL3 5BA.
  • The cost: Subsidised at £10 per person per class (i.e. £40 or £60 per half term) plus an initial assessment fee of £10.
  • To sign up or just to find out more contact Janet Roberts (01727 853148)

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“Physiotherapy can help manage symptoms of Parkinson’s”, says NICE

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