Supporting services

Branch Links

Part of our role as a branch is to try and influence the health and social services to improve the services offered to people with Parkinson’s and their family, supporters and carers. To do this we attend several meetings where these issues are discussed.

At the moment it is mainly committee members who attend these meetings but we would be pleased if others interested in helping in this came to the meetings. Also, if you are interested in helping campaign on issues such as lack of access to a Specialist Parkinson’s Nurse or neuro-Physiotherapy, problems with DVLA or other  problems you are facing, then please contact us. Below are some of the organisations we meet with.

Herts Valley CCG

This is the organisation that commissions your healthcare locally and is responsible for monitoring the contracts they have with health providers such as the Hospitals and Herts Neuro service. We meet with them when we have any issues but also attend many of their public meetings to feed in what a good service should look like for people with Parkinson’s. We circulate information to the GP’s through this organisation.

Herts County Council

They are responsible for helping you find social care you may need. They are also responsible for Health Promotion and Sports and Leisure activities in a variety of settings. We attend public meetings as well as meetings about which services should be commissioned.


West Herts Hospital Trust

The Hospital Trust run all your local acute beds and outpatient services. We attend their patient and public involvement events. We have been working with them to try and promote Parkinson’s Specialist nurses in the hospital and hope in the future we will have a Parkinson’s Improvement Group at Watford General to help improve the knowledge of the staff on all the wards.

Hertfordshire Neurological Network

This group is made up of the neurological Charities e.g. MS, MND, Headway, Social Services, Health CCG’s for both sides of Hertfordshire, clinical staff from the Hertfordshire Neurological Service, the Acute Trust, Palliative Care as well as Parkinson’s UK.

They aim to promote working together and listening to service users to ensure appropriate services are commissioned and that the best services are provided.