Exercise Classes

There are exercise classes which have been specially designed for people with Parkinson’s in Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans. The range of exercises is specifically chosen so that those with Parkinson’s get maximum benefit.

Anyone with Parkinson’s, friends and family members are welcome. You may go to whichever class suits you, and to as many as you want. The benefit of taking part in these classes can include:

  • They keep us fit and flexible
  • They strengthen muscles and keep us walking well, as well as helping balance.
  • They stop us getting into bad physical habits.
  • They help hearts and breathing and speech.
  • They are also great fun and give the members friendship and support.

A typical exercise class

“We have friendly instructors who are trained to help people with Parkinson’s to exercise safely. We generally begin with chair sitting exercises that gently stretch and warm up our muscles and joints. After that, we may stand and move around and use small pieces of equipment, such as light weights, small bikes, stepping/wobble boards and elastic resistance bands that focus on different
parts of our bodies. Some exercises are for strengthening, and some are for stretching. We walk and practice strong steps and safe ways of bending and getting out of chairs. All the time, the instructors demonstrate and guide us through the actions. Sometimes we use balls to aid coordination and have a bit of fun too. During the hour’s class, we enjoy a drink and often exercise our jaws as much as the rest of our bodies! Towards the end of the class, we sit again and perform gentle cool-down stretches before leaving. For the exercise classes in Hemel Hempstead, our carers quite often enjoy a coffee in the Sportspace café, or even take advantage of the location and have a swim or go shopping!”

Exercise Classes in Hemel Hempstead

Where: Sportspace, Park Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1JS (see map)
When: Thursdays, 11.00am – 12.00 noon
How much: £3.40, payable on the door
Contact: Ruth Venn, 01442 399333

Exercise Classes in St. Albans

Where: Highfield Park Centre, 59 Russet Drive, St Albans AL4 ODB (see map)
When: Wednesdays, 11.15-12.30pm
How much: £4.00, payable on the door
Contact: David Stanfield 01727 837295 or pwh-dbs@knotwork.org.uk

Exercise Classes in Watford

Where: Woodside Leisure Centre, Horseshoe Lane, Garston, Watford WD25 7HH (see map)
When: Tuesdays, 10.30-12noon
How much: £2.15, payable on the door
Contact: Mike Peaker 01923 820395